I chose to research this topic because I was always interested in how the clothes people wore evovled during time. Clothing seems to be always changing due to the events that happen in the time period. Fashion has always expressed the opinions and personalities of the people of the past. I wanted to discover the relationship between clothing and history.   -Rebecca Zheng

I felt as if I were bound to this topic, as if I had no other choice but to research clothings change and build over time. Fashion is something that has interested me since I was very young, since I grew up around a mother who has worked in fashion my whole life. I find it interesting to research where certain current trends originated from and why they became popular in the first place. By chosing this topic I am turning a hobby of mine into a grade and I will be interested in the reaserch I will need to do.  – Estelle Rubin

I chose this topic because clothing is essential to my everyday life. The first thing I think of when i wake up every day is what I’m going to wear for the day. This topic would be interesting because shopping for clothing is one of my hobbies and it will be fun researching the clothing that other people wore earlier in the centuries. Clothing also reflects your personality which creates friendships and relationships.                                      Yihai Han

I have chosen Clothing in American History because I am interested in vintage clothing and am curious about how people dressed back in the day, where clothes were more rugged and worn for longer periods of time. Its going to be fun to research this subject, because I love to see new styles and am curious of what people wore then, and compare it to new clothing today.

-Grady Kinnoin



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