Clothing in America from 1900-1914

In the time period of 1900-1914 clothing develops into a business much more then before, dresses are more complex and the designs are more unique as artists give ideas for dresses. Clothing in this time era tried to show off your assists like your torso, breast, and legs much like today. Much dresses were custom made only to fit their body so every part of their body looked perfect on the dress. Some women made transitions into dressing like a male, wearing jeans and other male clothing, which trademarked the beginning of a new fashion statement.

In this time period World War I is still happening as more women worked and worked longer hours; they had to change their clothing attire to relate to their daily lifestyles. Some skirts rose above the calf where it was more comfortable and helped with better movement. The richer ladies who didn’t work had to have a dress for the morning, afternoon, and the evening. Females also started to wear suits which were with shirtwaist blouses, designers like A & L Tirrocchi, Jacques Doucet, and Mariano Fortuny were influential in this time period as designed many differnet styles of clothing. Males started to wear more knee pants with tunic and long socks as this became heavily popular. Men continued to wear a black frock coat with gray striped trousers for formal day wear and a black tailcoat and trousers with a white waistcoat for evening wear if ladies were present, although in America the tuxedo, or dinner jacket became popular. Flat caps with beaks, sailor hats, and straw hats became popular for young boys as it was designed and marketed well in this time period. By the end of this decade everyone was buying already made clothing and the dress code became pretty strict.

This picture illustrates the style of dresses ladies wore in this time period. Dresses that were designed and well fabricated with beautiful designs swept the nation, and once the designers got their name it became a popular business. Also dresses were first sketched out before they actually made them, so they passes out sketches and if anyone wanted to but it they would make it for them. This picture also illustrates the designs of the hats back then, where hats for women were very colorful and floral. These dresses also went down to their ankles, and illustrates the tight fitting dress that was custom made for only one person.

This period of time really demonstrates the booming of businesses for clothing especially women’s clothing. As designers of clothing became more popular and rich, clothing starts to become an important figure in the economy. Clothing designs also is looked at as an art, not just some random cloth you put on to work in the field, but to make a statement about your personality. Clothing for women also starts to become more comfortable as many have to work in factories because of the war.

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