Clothing in American History 1750-1850’s

Clothing in American in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s got more stylish as time went along, but the income of the family still decided the clothing they would have. In these times clothing was still homespun and homemade by many families. Until the end of these times, homemade clothing were made more then in the mills. Clothing in British and France were more heavier and stylish, but in America it fit more to the hot and humid weather.

Just like earlier times the rich owned the richer clothing and the poor stood with homemade clothes that weren’t as stylish or comfortable. The wealthy plantation families’ styles were the closest to Britain. At the turn of the century, the Regency style started to become popular as it was inspired by ancient Greece and Rome, this was a slim dress, basic, and low necklines. Men’s clothing changed to a more athletic fit where they were able to do work easier.  A popular development of the century was the transfiguration of men’s knee breeches into trousers, and the creation of the lounge suit, which today is still worn. The children’s clothing became more athletic as well, being able to move freely as the play or work, open necked blouses woth pants that buttoned onto their blouse or jacket was popular.

This era specialized in creating a more comfortable and moveable clothing line to fit into the warm American weather. The picture that I uploaded illustrates the free movement that these kids have, showing how playful they are in their athletic clothing. Not only kids had these types of clothing, men and women’s styles and comfort revolutionized this era. Also wigs were discarded by both genders by the mid 1800’s to late, as people wanted a more simpler style.

As many families struggled to have money, they worked in hard conditions, so to help them out they started having clothing that weren’t as tight fitting as before. This elaborated with many of the jobs they did, and clothing styles fit more to the climate. As simple was the new style, and movement weren’t as restricted as before. As wealthy plantation families wore stylish and expensive clothing, the poor wore homemade clothing to benefit their income.

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