Clothing in the 1600-1750

In early America clothing was just as important as today, colors of many sorts were worn with conscience and style was important. It wasn’t as judgemental as today though, everyone wore clothing the same way. Colonists weren’t put into differnet categories like today, for example their were no hip hop styles, or punk rock. It was either if you are poor or wealthy and no one cared about what you wore.

In this time period males wore linen clothing with cloaks and knit stockings and the women wore long dresses with bright colors along with a hooded cloak. Kids also wore wool or linen in all sorts of colors, for the ladies their dresses went down to their ankles. Wealthy men and kids wore black suits, hat, and black shoes on sundays for church ceremonies. Clothing also portrayed what you did as an career, men who worked jobs consisting of hard labor wore plainer and less expensive clothing. While rich men woresatin or velvet waistcoats richly decorated with embroidery, just like women; they wore whatever colors, it didn’t matter. Clothing were also affected by your religion, plainer clothing was adopted out of religious conviction. Women also wore plainer clothing if they worked tirelessly, gowns were covered with aprons, and the working class only had one outfit for the week and one for sunday. This illustrates the hardships these colonists faced when they weren’t wealthy.

Many colonists were not rich, the plan for many of them was to own a farm and sell their crops. Many farmers were poor so they needed their wives to help them in their labor, this illustrates the life back in the 1600’s. They struggled through diseases like small pox and other deadly diseases caused by lack of clean clothing. The way you dressed described your life as everyone wore the same clothing depending on your wealth. Many lower class colonists wore clothing out of wool, while the middle and upper class men wore clothing made by silk and linen.

In the 1600- 1750, the clothing you wore was based on the lifestyle you lived. Clothing was expensive and hard to get. Wool being the cheapest was the warmest, so it contributed a great deal to the survival of poor farmers during the winter. The lack of clothing killed some colonist espicially the ones who were homeless, because of the lack of jobs in the 1700’s n Britain which caused them to come to American looking for a career.


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  1. mlmuntz says:

    Nice, I like the vocabulary integration.
    Where are your sources?
    Where is your picture?

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