Clothing in American History

During the time period of 1600-1750, clothing in America was much different than today. Their were all sorts of clothing styles such as colonial styles and native american styles. They were very different from each other, but both shared the same purpose. Colonial clothing was how new settlers from england called colonists dressed.

In the 1620’s, colonial clothing was now starting. Colonial men dressed in baggy breeches, called “slops”, along with coats over a waist coat. Colonial women wore mob caps to cover their hair, along with big, thick dresses to cover their body. Clothing then was primarily made by hand by the wearer, using wool, leather, and linen. Shoemakers made shoes that fit both feet, rather than having a left and a right shoe. Colonists wore these clothes because it showed social status. They also needed clothes that lasted long, because most only had one set of everyday clothes.

Aside from colonial clothing, there was clothing of the native americans. During the 1600s, natives dressed the same as they always had, in deerskin. Deerskin was not all they wore, they also wore wool clothing they traded from Spanish settlers, because it was much cheaper. Natives wore their best clothing during special gatherings like festivals and ceremonies. This clothing was called “regalia” and consisted of nice jewelry, moccasins on their feet, headbands on their head, and a porcupine quill over there body.  They passed down their regalia to future generations to keep old traditions alive.

Both colonial and native american people had certain clothing styles. They were very different, but shared many things in common like reasons for their styles. They both wore clothes for warmth, working, and top show social status, and they both had a set of nice clothes for Sunday worship or special gatherings. People in the 1600-1750s needed clothes durable to last long, since they did not change clothes often. Times then was so much different compared to now, because instead of going to the store and buying cheap, factory made clothes, they made everything by hand, or rarely traded or purchased.



text book pages 110-111


-Grady Kinnoin



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